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The catering service is for clients with wedding or corporate functions that want to have something different than what is customarily provided.

Our catering division carries an extensive variety of items on the menu. We provide ethnic foods as well as traditional standards. As with all of our foods, we use fresh ingredients and prepare our food in our kitchen. Attention to detail is very important to us so you can be sure that you will be pleased with GC Cuisine catering your event. That means whether you are having barbequed ribs or Chicken Provencal, you can be assured that you will be satisfied with our food.

In determining the menu for your next event, you can give us a menu to work from or we can customize one based on your specifications. You can choose from hundreds of selections and put together a full 8 course meal to simple hors d’oevours. What ever you would like. We can also offer anything to full butler service for your event or you can pick it up at the deli. Just let us know, we are happy to accommodate.

Our chef service is geared towards active people that want delicious, wholesome food provided to them at a reasonable cost, prepared the way they like. We prepare all of our food in a professional kitchen and deliver it to yours. Since we don’t use your kitchen to make it, you don’t have to take time out of your week to be there so you can have the meals you want.

You choose what foods you want to eat; we prepare them and drop them off. What could be easier? To determine your likes and dislikes, we have you fill out a questionnaire and develop a menu based on your likes and dislikes. That way dinner is no longer a problem.

The chef service provides a bi-weekly menu of meals for clients that don’t have the time or the ability to prepare quality meals but still want to enjoy the benefits of healthy food.