Crystal Garden café

Our Friday European Tour on the patio this week is from Germany


Octoberfest on CG Patio



Thank you to all that are by our side on the Patio helping us through this.   I also want to let you know that during this awful time that we have not been able to host any events we have had to try and increase our Deli business.  We have a daily menu that is posted on our web site daily ( or you can sign up on our list to have the menu sent to you.  Our deli offers daily lunches which we use only Boars Head products or we make it from scratch, we also offer 4 different entrees and sides, salads, fruit for a great evening dinner at home that is fast and health.


The past month we also have been doing a European dinning tour on our patio.  We started in Piemonte Italy went to Spain and then to Sicily and now we are in Germany.  Oct 2nd will be Germany again and then the following Friday we will visit France then to Tuscany.   We serve a 3 to 4 course menu of authentic dishes from the place we are visiting.  


We have a wonderful patio set up for outside lunch or dinner and we have been doing wine and cocktails & appetizers on Thursday & Friday as well as our European dinner.


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Oct 1st and 2nd we will be changing up the menu,  So you can join us again for more authentic German dishes and celebrating Octoberfest!















Sept 24th Menu                            Hours: Mon- Fri 10am to 6:30pm

1230 University Dr.                                           Sat 10am to 2pm (618)655-1170

Edwardsville IL                              Check us out on Crystal Garden Facebook


Short & Sweet    Cookies .90


Lunch Menu


Kartoffelsuppe nach Bayrischer / Chicken Vegetable – 4.00

German Sausage, potato soup 

 V Salmon Burger – 6.50

Lemon & herb salmon patty w/ tomato, greens, onion, mayo on toasted bun


Schweinefleisch-(Pork Sandwich) – 6.75

Slow cook pork shoulder, sauerkraut, caraway, swiss on marble rye and grilled


The Smoky Bavarian – 7.25

Smoked Ham & smoked Gouda, bacon, tomato, Dijon, (lf) mayo on a pretzel roll and baked


Turkey Cordon Bleu – 6.50

Turkey, ham, swiss, stone ground mustard on baguette


Bratwurst mit Broetchen– 6.00


Turkey, Brie, & Apple Panini – 6.75

Boars Head turkey, brie cheese, apple butter, greens, sliced apple grilled rye bread

lemon Chicken Panini – 6.50

Lemon chicken, basil aioli, mozzarella, tomato, onion, greens on wheat


Berry Berry Turkey – 6.75

Mesquite turkey breast, Havarti cheese, greens, tomato, onion, and cranberry relish on wheat bread  


Deluxe Roast Beef Sandwich – 7.75

Boars head Roast Beef, tomatoes onion, creamy Horseradish, greens on marble rye


Reuben – 7. 50             Turkey Reuben– 6.75          


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Dinner Menu 



Lime-Cilantro Grilled Chicken Breast– 6.25/lb     


Applewood rubbed Grilled Pork Tenderloin 9.25/lb.


Italian Meatballs – 6.25/lb 


V   Italian Sauteed Eggplant – 4.25/lb     


Hänchen-Schnitzel (Chicken Schnitzel)– 6.25/lb.  


Southern Mac & Cheese   – 4.75/lb     


Veggie Quiche – 4.25/slice  


Sautee Veggies – 4.25/lb.     


     Smashed New Potatoes – 4.25/lb     


Roasted New Potatoes – 4.75/lb     


Fruit Salad – 4.50/lb.       Caesar Salad – 6.50/lb.