Crystal Garden café

July 16th MENU                             Hours: Mon-Fri 10am to 6:30pm

1230 University Dr.                                             Sat 10am to 2pm

Edwardsville, IL                             Check us out on Crystal Garden Facebook!

Create your own Sandwich!                 CALL IN ORDERS WELCOME!  (618)-655-1170


Short & Sweet:  Chocolate chip, Peanut Butter Cookies, Klondike bars, Ice cream sandwich



Lunch Menu



Gazpacho   / Stuffed Green Pepper Soup – 4.00/16oz


  V   Chipotle Black-Bean Burger – 6.00

Black bean patty, chipotle mayo, Cheddar, tomato on skinny bun or regular


Turkey & Swiss – 5.75

Peppered turkey Swiss cheese, greens, tomato, mayo on wheat bread      


Spicy Cuban – 6.75   

Sliced pork tenderloin, ham, swiss, Dijon, pickles, Cuban sauce on wheat hoagie and grilled


Chipotle Turkey Club – 6.50

Turkey, Chipotle Mayo, Bacon, Tomato, red onion, Greens, pepper Jack cheese on Toasted Wheat


Granny Smith – 6.50

Boar’s head Chicken, sliced apple, apple butter, shredded carrots, Havarti cheese on wheat bread


Chef Salad – 6.75   

Ham, chicken, swiss, cheddar, eggs, cucumber, tomato, onion, bacon, and your choice of dressing


Seafood Stuffed Tomato– 6.50    

Imitation crab, cod, shrimp, dill, seasonings, mayo, green stuffed in tomato served with roll


Deluxe Roast Beef Sandwich6.50

Boars head Roast Beef, tomatoes onion, Horseradish mayo, greens on marble rye


Reuben – 6.50         Turkey Reuben – 6.00 

Made from boars head meats, cheese and sauerkraut, (all lower sodium) house made LF Russian dressing on grilled marble rye.






Dinner Menu


Roasted Teriyaki Salmon– 14.75/lb


Garlic & Herb Crispy Chicken Fingers – 6.50/lb


Pan Seared Apple Wood Rubbed Bls Pork chops – 8.75/lb


  V   Vegetable Lasagna – 4.50/lb    


Seafood Salad 7.50/lb                 


Creamy Shells & Cheese 4.25/lb   


Honey Balsamic Roasted Brussels Sprouts 4.50/lb    


  Marinated Three Bean Salad 3.25/lb    


Smashed New Potatoes 3.75/lb                Fruit Salad 4.50/lb