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About GC Cuisine
GC Cuisine was established in 1998 with the idea of providing high quality food customized to a client’s wants and needs. This includes our deli which offers high quality meals for dine in or take out, the personal chef service that brings meals into the client’s home, prepared from a client-designed menu and our catering business that provides lunches, dinners, banquets and breakfasts for all sorts of groups. In 2003 we started the development of a unique private venue call Crystal Garden to include an elegant dinning room, an all glass banquet room and a beautiful outside court yard. We continue to provide different and varied menus that are designed to help the client impress as well as entertain their guests.

Karol Hatton is the head chef at GC Cuisine and has developed a style of cooking that incorporates the use of ingredients in dishes that are designed to make the food delicious yet more nutritious. Karol allows the flavor of the food to come through by the use of olive oil, reducing the use of heavy creams, eliminating frying and using fresh vegetables, fruits and meats. Her style of cooking harkens back to when cooks shopped daily for fresh fruits and vegetables and additives were unknown thereby making food not only delicious but good for the body.